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If War Comes To You



  • Helen

    Katrine Bach

  • Ada

    Ndeye Fatou Saidy Mane

  • Soldier

    Francisco Kalle Navarro

  • Ada’s Father (Robert)

    Fab Leigh Fisher

  • Lara

    Ida Maria Ringaard Andersen

  • Thomas

    Anuresh Rattan

  • Lukas

    Eskil Bøgh Tonnesen

  • Frank

    Vincent Sautenet

  • Checkpoint soldier

    Sammy Germain Wadi

  • Superior Officer

    David Kudzai Chifungo

  • Soldier A

    Bence Balassa

  • Soldier B

    Jefferson Bond

  • Soldier C

    Sommy Sebastian Krause

  • Lt Hoffman

    Jan Christopher Juhl

  • Ada’s mom

    Elisa Jensen

  • News Anchor

    Laura Allen Müller

  • Sofia

    Zenia Radoor Andreasen

  • Soldiers wife

    Alice Elizabeth Terry

  • Stunt soldier 1

    Michael Ahrent Clausen

  • Stunt soldier 2

    Valdemar Blomqvist Valentin Jespersen

  • Ekstra soldier

    August Block


  • Director

    Mathias de Melo Lundegaard

  • Producer, writer and script supervisor

    Johan Büchler

  • Producer, writer and DP

    Travis Lacy

  • Production Manager & 1. AD

    Oliver Jacoby

  • Script Supervisor

    Josephine Vedel

  • Production Designer

    Sune W. Hansen

  • Sound Recordist

    Thea Nyboe Jacobsen

  • Gaffer

    Lukas Plesner

  • MUA

    Sofie Bau

  • Runner

    Peter Wagner Lassen

  • Special Effects / Stunts

    Dansk Special Effekt Service

  • VFX artist

    Karl Zaki

  • Colorgrade

    Anthon Brouneus

  • Editor

    Mira Thu

  • Motion graphics

    Sahand Porkar

  • Website and interactive platform

    Good City

  • DPA for audio equipment

  • Coop's ejendomsadministration for location

  • Hviids vinstue for location

  • 30A photo and rental for location

  • Beredskabsstyrelsen for location, props & personel

  • ColdBore Group for costumes and props

  • Sun Chemical for location

  • Skovbo Efterskole for location

  • Paludan Bogcafé

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